Aims & Objectives

We maintain Five offices located in metropolitan cities of India. The wide range of expertise provided by our partners and professional team with the support of empanelled associates and affiliates, technical experts enables us to offer the best possible solutions and specialized opinion to our clients. Our clients include: companies, organizations both in private and public sector engaged in Industry, Stock Brokers, Investment Bankers, Mutual Funds and Realtor. Our clients list also includes charities, Corporate entities, non-government organizations and individuals who need high quality professional services.

To provide clients quality services, through our trained, experienced and highly motivated skilled professionals. Having permanent relationship with client and be a catalyst in achieving their goals, Share core values, professional ethics and individual freedom with team member. Be true and fair to our team, clients, regulators and the nation.

SPMC team matches the specialized needs of the clients. SPMC comprises of result oriented, dynamic and energetic professionals who believe in achieving specific measurable result within specified time frame. We have dedicated professionals who provide efficient services in a consistent manner.

Our vision is to be a Global Service Provider in the field of corporate finance, taxation, audit & compliance &Corporate laws. Wherein our services and expertise are cited as the examples of quality. The Mission is communicated to every member of the organization. Systematic endeavours are made to ensure each employee's commitment to the organizational purpose.

Ever since our inception, our mission has been to render professional services of the highest standard to clients, upholding the code of conduct and ethics of the profession.